Birmingham Regionals final standings!

1. Alex Dao [UK] (Gyarados)
Back-to-back wins for Alex Dao
and Gyarados!

2. Brian Peach [UK] (Zoroark BREAK/Drampa-GX)
3. Philipp Emmerich [DE] (Vikavolt/Tapus)
4. Tobias Thesing [DE] (Alolan Ninetales-GX)
5. Benjamin Behrens [NO] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
6. Nico Alabas [DE] (Turbo Darkrai-EX)
7. Toby Woolner [UK] (Alolan Ninetales-GX)
8. Öjvind Svinhufvud [FI] (Turbo Darkrai_EX)
9. Stéphane Ivanoff [FR] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
10. Gonçalo Pereira [PT] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
11. Jesper Eriksen [DK] (Lurantis-GX/Tapu Bulu-GX)
12. Manuel Jorach [DE] (Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Dragonair)
13. Laurens van Brecht [NL] (Vespiquen)
14. Piotr Orleanski [PL] (Zoroark BREAK/Umbreon-GX)
15. Nilo Dieguez [UK] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
16. Romain Carrière [FR] (Vikavolt/Tapus)
17. Matthias Luppa [DE] (Vikavolt/Tapus)
18. Heddi Brahmi [FR] (Lurantis-GX)
19. Mehdi Hafi [FR] (Lurantis-GX)
20. Stephen Lodwig [UK] (WaterBox)
21. Tobias Smutkowski [DE] (Turbo Darkrai-EX)
22. Gonçalo Ferreira [PT] (Zoroark BREAK/Umbreon-GX/Decidueye-GX)
23. Mees Brenninkmeijer [NL] (Lurantis-GX/Tapu Bulu-GX)
24. Max Fox [UK] (Greninja BREAK)
25. Jens Kudsk [DK] (Umbreon-GX/Zoroark BREAK)
26. Laura Durkin [UK] (DeciPlume/Alolan Ninetales-GX)
27. Faisal Khan [UK] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
28. Nitish Doolub [UK] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
29. Paul Stringer [UK] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)
30. Matthew Hoyle [UK] (Volcanion)
31. Jack Old [UK] (DeciPlume/Alolan Ninetales-GX)
32. Ben Short [UK] (Garbodor/Drampa-GX)

UPDATE: the lists for many of these decks are available at , a site I was unaware of until now but am very glad I found because it's a fantastic resource! 


  1. Jack Old played Decidueye / Alolan Ninetales-GX, not DeciPlume

    I published a lot of Birmingham Top 32 decklists here, the sources are at the bottom of each decklist in the comments if you wish to add these:

    1. Thank you! I'll post the linkto your site. Great resource :)

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