TPC Qualifiers

This page will be focused on the 2022 Pokemon TCG Championship qualifiers for the Southeast Asia regions. These countries are no longer part of the Oceania region having been moved from TPCi to TPC (Japan). They will now use a CP-less system where to qualify for the upcoming World Championships, players will have to finish in the top 4 of their countries' Championships. Players will attempt to qualify for the Championship through qualifying stages. Event to be held from 23rd April to May 22nd for the qualifiers and 29th May for the Top Cut Playoffs.

This is how the National Championship structure works:

  • Qualifiers (Stage 1) - 1 winner from each session moves on (best of 1, 3 swiss rounds). Qualifiers to be held in Gym Shops.
  • Finalist Round (Stage 2) - 1 winner from each session moves on (best of 1, 3 swiss rounds)
  • Top Cut Playoffs (Final Stage) - 12 finalists playing out for the final 4 spots where they will play a best of 3 top cut to decide the winner.
  • Winner of the National Championship gets a Day 2 invite to Worlds, 2nd to 4th gets a Day 1 invite.
  • Players will be using the same decklist through all 3 events.

Additional information can be found here for Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines.

Qualifier Winners
(Decks used by players will likely only be shared after Top Cut Playoffs)

Malaysia: (256 players)
  • Top 8 Finalists:
    • Athavan Akilan - Championship Winner (Earns Day 2 Worlds invite) - Arceus VSTAR/Lucario VSTAR
    • Lee Keng Fai - Top 4 Finisher (Earns Day 1 Worlds invite) - Arcues VSTAR/Malamar VMAX
    • Low Kien Xun - Top 4 Finisher (Earns Day 1 Worlds invite) - Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon/Galarian Moltres
    • Liew Chee How - Top 4 Finisher (Earns Day 1 Worlds invite) - Mew VMAX
    • Eric Teo Pao Song
    • Yong Jun Xin
    • Joshah Tio Yong Zhen
    • Wong Wei Run

Singapore: (192 players)

  • Top 12 Finalists:
    • Walter Ho Wai Kiat
    • Wong Sui Kai
    • Jackson Tham
    • Wayne Tan
    • Norman Chan
    • Edmund Khoo
    • Dennis Piay
    • Kang Yu Xian
    • Fatriz
    • Darrell Yeo
    • Isogai Toshiyuki
    • Yu Yoshii

The Philippines: (128 players)

  • Top 8 Finalist:
    • Brian Earl Viloria
    • Antonio Jorge Francisco
    • Binoe Abuan
    • Adrian Gerard Acuzar
    • Kyle Willis Mack
    • Arwin Adriano
    • Jayvee Rosal 
    • Christian Sky Mendoza

    • Will be posted once we find information

    • Will be posted once we find information