By The Numbers: Fort Wayne Regionals

Here are some statistics to keep in mind after the conclusion of Fort Wayne Regionals: 

1st-place finisher Jimmy Pendarvis's final record. Yup...he didn't lose a single match through the entire tournament. Two of those ties were IDs, by the way. This is likely one of the most successful tournament runs in the history of the Pokemon TCG. 

Bet you can't guess what deck Pendarvis was playing. (Yeah, it was Yveltal-EX/Garbodor.) 

The amount of damage Bisharp STS deals to Steel-weak Pokemon with a successful Retaliate attack. That's a KO on Xerneas BRT, Xerneas STS, and Xerneas BREAK, and a healthy chunk of damage to both M Gardevoirs - undoubtedly why Bisharp was used in Noah Sawyer's T-32nd-place Yveltal list, given the expected popularity of Rainbow Road and the Gardevoirs at Fort Wayne. 

180 is also the amount of damage Raticate EVO inflicts on any enemy, as long as the opponent has 3 Special Energy in the discard. Travis Nunlist teched Raticate into his M Scizor list, since M Scizor is a deck that likes to discard opponent's Energy but lacks a heavy attacker. Raticate gave Nunlist an opportunity to swing for big attacks after spending the early game on energy disruption. 

The percentage of the Top 32 meta taken by Yveltal-EX/Garbodor. That's the highest meta share for any deck at a single tournament this season, and the first time this season that a single deck has taken over a quarter of the meta share at a tournament. 

PokeStats considers 3 of the Top 32 decks as common archetypes that included "rogue" tech Pokemon. These are:
  • Raticate EVO in Travis Nunlist's M Scizor list (12th place)
  • Starmie EVO in Agustin Herrera's Volcanion list (23rd place)
  • Bisharp STS in Noah Sawyer's Yveltal-EX list (T-32nd place)
Maybe these additions will see success going forward. 

Furthermore, we also found 3 decks in Top 32 that we consider "rogues": 
  • Wesley Hollenberg's Zygarde-EX/Carbink BREAK deck (8th place)
  • Dean Nezam's Pidgeot-EX/Jolteon-EX/Garbodor deck (9th place)
  • Darin O'Meara's Vespiquen/Zoroark deck (11th place)
All of the rogues performed well, netting at least 40 Championship Points each. 

Justin Bokhari's 15th-place Greninja BREAK deck included 1 copy of Talonflame. That's right, just 1. Presumably there were 3 Froakies, so that's only a 25% chance of a Talonflame start. Maybe the reasoning was that there's no longer a 43% chance of having 4 dead cards (as with 3 Froakie-4 Talonflame), just a 75% chance of 1 dead card?