Multiple PokéStats staff members currently offer Pokémon TCG coaching.

Tate Whitesell
PokéStats creator Tate Whitesell offers coaching for $11 USD/hr. He is best suited to coach North American players but is able to accommodate other time zones. He is willing to coach a player in any age group and is especially interested in coaching players who are brand new to the competitive scene. Tate's coaching places particular focus on metagame prediction, deckbuilding, and basic gameplay concepts such as sequencing and Prize mapping.
Contact:, Facebook PM, or Twitter

Jesper Eriksen
2016 Senior Division World Champion and PokéStats European Correspondent Jesper Eriksen offers coaching for $18 USD/hr. He is located in Denmark and is therefore best suited for European players, but can adapt to other time zones. Jesper has coached three Junior/Senior Division players who received European Day 2 Worlds Invites; most of his coaching experience is with Junior/Senior Divisions but he is happy to accept Masters as well.
Contact:, Facebook PM, or Twitter 

Be on the lookout for coaching offers from other PokéStats team members in the future. 

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