Tate Whitesell

Rate: USD $15/hr
Timezone: EST/CST 
PokéStats founder and UNDNTD team member Tate Whitesell has coached players around the world in multiple age divisions, and is particularly focused on helping players who are new to the competitive scene. He has helped players attain their first Worlds invite, first locals win, a Regional Top 4 (Juniors), and more. Tate has 30+ Top Cuts in cash events, League Cups, and online major events, has qualified for the Players Cup twice, has ranked Top 30 worldwide in PokéStats and TrainerHill rankings, and is known for his work on the creation of several successful archetypes with other top players. Schedule
Contact:, Discord (leukocyte#4843), or Twitter

Jesper Eriksen
Rate: USD $18/hr
Timezone: CEST (Denmark)
PokéStats European Correspondent and Limitless team member Jesper Eriksen has coached three Junior/Senior Division players who received European Day 2 Worlds Invites, as well as the Senior Division 2019 Portland Regional Champion. Jesper himself was the 2016 World Champion in the Senior Division and has multiple impressive tournament finishes in Masters. Not only is he an extremely accomplished player, he is also a great teacher, and can coach players in any division and time zone.
Contact:, Facebook PM, or Twitter 

Luke Morsa
Rate: USD $15/hr (discount available for Patreon supporters)
Timezone: EST
Best known as the man behind Celio's Network, Luke Morsa has over a decade of experience with competitive PTCG, and his psychology/education background makes him an excellent teacher. For newer players looking to learn the nuances of competitive play, or even for more experienced players looking for insight into top-level tournament prep and gaining the mental edge against your competition, it would be hard to find a more suitable coach than Luke. He is also skilled at matchup theory and metagaming. Luke's competitive achievements include multiple Regional Day 2 appearances and a 2nd-place Limitless Invitational finish. More info / schedule
Contact:, Facebook PM, or Twitter