PokéStats was founded in late 2016 by American player Tate Whitesell, who became interested in the competitive Pokémon TCG after watching the 2016 World Championships but realized the game lacked a serious resource for statistics-based content. With the encouragement and assistance of many top-rated players, Tate grew PokéStats into one of the preeminent media sources for the competitive Pokémon TCG, featuring a tournament database, metagame predictions, live event coverage, a Twitter account with thousands of followers, and more. PokéStats now employs a dedicated staff to assist in providing the best possible content. We hope that PokéStats continues to be a helpful and respected resource for as long as it is up and running!

PokéStats staff 2022

Editorial and creative team:
Global correspondents:
Tournament organization staff:
  • Head TO: Isaiah Cheville / @ICheville 
  • Erik Arts / @_EA15
  • Brian Chisholm 
  • Aaron Friedman
Discord moderation: 
Special correspondents: