London Intercontinentals now over!

The stream from London has ended and there's a lot to analyze. My prediction seems to have been pretty accurate for the two biggest decks (Yveltals/Garb and Volcanion); beyond that, we'll have to wait and see as more results come in. Greninja was on stream plenty, and I know Europe loves that archetype, so I think it did pretty well too. 

Five of the Top 8 decks were Yveltal/Garb variants, and only one was eliminated in the quarterfinals, leading to an all-Yveltal Top 4. When it was all over, Michael Pramawat's version of the deck took home the trophy - and 500 Championship Points. 

As more results from the championship are revealed in the next day or two, I'll update all the statistics and rankings here on PokeStats and refine my prediction formula for the next tournament - the ARG Invitational in Orlando, Dec 17-18. 

In the meantime, can anyone figure out how to beat Yveltal/Garb?