CCG Cologne Grand Open Top 4 results

This past weekend, in addition to Brazil Intercontinentals and the Lyon Special Event, a tournament was held in Cologne, Germany. This was not an official TPCI event - it was held by Complexity Card Gaming, a team including notable players such as Mees Brenninkmeijer, Benjamin Pham, and Tamao Cameron.

Here are the Top 4 standings at the conclusion of the Open:
  1. Benjamin Pham, Quad Lapras
  2. Semen Struzh, Turbo Darkrai-EX
  3. Steven Mao, Turbo Darkrai-EX
  4. Bert Wolters, DeciPlume
First place received 120€, second place 60€, and third/fourth place 30€ each. Although this was not an official tournament, and so no CP were earned, PokeStats is going to count this event as a League Cup when we calculate our Power Rankings, since it was a similar-scale event.