Milan Grand Open Top 8

Complexity Card Gaming recently held the Milan Grand Open Special Event. 83 Masters attended, and CP were awarded as follows: 145 for 1st; 120 for 2nd; 95 for 3rd/4th; 70 for 5th-8th, and 45 for 9th-16th. 

Here are the Top 8 for the event: 

Entering Top 8: 
  1. Lucas Henrique de Araujo Pereira, Trashalanche (Wobbuffet)
  2. Simone Soldo, Greninja BREAK
  3. Alex Dao, Gyarados
  4. Cetin Yildrim, Trashalanche
  5. Philipp Leciejewski, Trashalanche
  6. Jindrich Nepevny, Trashalanche
  7. Mauro Spano, DeciPlume
  8. Manuele Tartaglia, Garbodor GRI/Bunnelby/Espeon-GX

Final standings:
  1. Alex Dao, Gyarados
  2. Manuele Tartaglia, Garbodor GRI/Bunnelby/Espeon-GX
  3. Simone Soldo, Greninja BREAK
  4. Philipp Leciejewski, Garbodor GRI/Big Basics
  5. Lucas Araujo, Garbodor GRI/Big Basics/Wobbuffet
  6. Cetin Yildrim, Garbodor GRI/Big Basics
  7. Jindrich Nepevny, Garbodor GRI/Big Basics
  8. Mauro Spano, DeciPlume

Here's CCG's pie chart of the Day 1 meta: