Notable Numbers from 2017 Hartford Regionals

Back during last season, I'd occasionally publish short recaps of events here on the blog that featured some "Notable Numbers" pertinent to the event. I'm bringing that back this season because Hartford Regionals saw some interesting statistics and other oddities rise to the forefront, and they are worth a look, whether simply entertaining or actually relevant to the future of the metagame.

Masters attendance for the event
This put Hartford on the board as the second-largest Regional of all time, second only to the one preceding it, Fort Wayne (which had 816).

The D2E for Greninja BREAK, the highest of any deck at the event
PokéStats's new D2E (Day 2 Efficiency) metric measures the average CP earned by a deck that has made Day 2 of an event. Greninja won 240 CP on Day 2, split between two players: Michael Long (2nd place) and Jon Eng (14th). This results in a 120.0 D2E, suggesting that Greninja was "the play" for the event since it had the highest average success on Day 2. (Volcanion was a pretty close runner-up, with 110.0).

Gardevoir-GX's D2E
By contrast, Gardevoir-GX, considered to be the BDIF by most players, put up a fairly lackluster Day 2 performance. 8 Gardevoir decks made Top 32 - twice as much as the next-most-popular decks (Volcanion and Golisopod, 4 placements each) - yet only one of them advanced to Top 8, and only 2 more even made it to Top 16. Considering 60 is the lowest D2E possible at a Regional, this is lower than what one might expect for the best deck in the format.

Overall tie rate at Hartford, as reported by Christopher Schemanske
Schemanske tweeted out this number and referred to it as "not normal," adding that the tie rate in Fort Wayne was 17.3%. Schemanske believes "this is a Standard vs Expanded thing" - Expanded is simply a faster format and allows players to complete games in a shorter amount of time. Robin Schulz added that "ties definitely seem less likely in Expanded; this weekend in Bilbao relatively few people were still playing when time got called... me and some friends were frequently done in under 30 minutes, sometimes even finishing 3 games in that."

Average outdoor temperature across the weekend of the event
This is a very interesting explanation for that high tie rate. Jac Carter noted on Twitter that the tie rate mentioned by Schemanske "could be [because of] a colder climate...slowing down players' hands." I interpreted it as a joke at first, but Carter elaborated: "It's actually something to take into account. A few players, including myself, noted that our pace of play was slower due to cold hands." Schemanske confirmed: "You're not wrong, it was definitely chilly in the hall." As a New England native, I hadn't considered that the weather would be that affecting, but I do remember several Southerner players complaining about the cold on Twitter as they arrived in Connecticut.

The amount of major events Sam Chen has consecutively Top 8'd, including Hartford
Count 'em: NAIC, Worlds, Fort Wayne, and Hartford. And that doesn't even tell the whole story. That's the largest tournament of all time, followed by Worlds, followed by the two largest Regionals of all time. This achievement speaks for itself.