2018 NAIC Content Creators' Draft Results

The Monday before the 2018 North American National Championships, Seagrove TCG hosted a fantasy draft with five other Pokémon TCG content creators. You can view the livestream of the draft here.

Now that NAIC is over, here are the results of the draft:
(Italicized players were our "under 400 CP" picks.)

PokéStats's Tate Whitesell was the winner of the draft, selecting two of the Top 8 competitors including the champion, Stéphane Ivanoff. The final standings for the draft were:
  1. Tate Whitesell
  2. Chip Richey
  3. Jeremiah Schmutz
  4. Zack Taylor
  5. Luke Morsa
  6. Kirk Dubé
The agreed-upon punishment for the last-place finisher was that the other five competitors would design a playmat which the loser must then buy and use at their next major event. Looks like Kirk Dubé of Super Rod-cast will be using a pretty interesting mat at this year's World Championships...