The 2022 North American International Championships take place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, USA. 

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Event details and schedule
  • Day 1 (Friday, June 24): 9 best-of-3 Swiss rounds in each of two pods (Blue pod and Orange pod). Players with 19 or more match points from both pods are combined to form the Day 2 player pool.
  • Day 2 (Saturday, June 25): 6 best-of-3 Swiss rounds with cut to Top 8. Top 8 and Top 4 matches will be played. 
  • Day 3 (Sunday, June 26): Grand Finals (best-of-3). 
  • Masters attendance: 1155 (577 in Blue Pod, 578 in Yellow Pod)

Top players' decks
PokéStats collects information on top players' decks throughout Day 1. Keep refreshing this page for updates!

Blue Pod

Yellow Pod