FOLLOW LIVE: 2022 Baltimore Regionals

The first North American Regionals of the 2022-23 is upon us, and it is the largest Regionals event ever! The 2022 Baltimore Regional Championships take place in Baltimore, ML this weekend, September 17-18. Keep refreshing this page for updates on top players' archetypes and other information from the event as we receive it, and follow our Twitter for more.

Important links & notes

  • Official TCG stream
  • RK9 Labs pairings link
  • Masters attendance: 1078 (reported)
  • Tournament format: SSH-PGO (Standard), 9 Swiss rounds; players with 19 or more Match Points move on to Day 2 (5 Swiss rounds with Top 8 cut) 

Top players' archetypes
PokéStats deck reporting policy: Until the conclusion of the tournament, we will only report on archetypes and not detailed information about lists, barring notable techs that appear on stream. Although we do our best to maintain accurate sources at the event, do not accept a report as 100% accurate unless confirmed by the player themselves or reported by the official stream.