The 2023 European International Championship takes place this weekend, April 14-16, in London, England. This is the first TPCi sanctioned event to feature the new Scarlet & Violet cards along with the 2023 rotation. Tool cards have also been given an errata as they now don't count as Item cards.

Format: Standard SSH-SVI
Attendance: 1525 Masters


Notable players' decks
  • Ryan Antonucci - Lost Zone Toolbox/Sky Combo
  • Isaiah Bradner - Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  • Heddi Brahimi - Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  • Brennan Kamerman - Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  • Nicholas Moffitt - Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  • Tord Reklev - Gardevoir ex
  • Ian Robb - Lugia VSTAR/Single Strike Box