2014 Houston Regionals

Dates: October 11-12
Day 1 BCR-FFI, Day 2 BLW-FFI

Day 1 Top 32 metagame analysis

Day 1 final standings
  1. Michael Canaves, Donphan
  2. Brit Pybas, Donphan
  3. Jason Klaczynski, Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor
  4. Isaiah Middleton, Donphan
  5. Sean Hipp, Donphan
  6. Chris Murray, VirGen
  7. Justin Sanchez, Yveltal-EX/Garbodor
  8. Brad Curcio, VirGen
  9. Rudy Paras, Pyroar/Seismitoad-EX
  10. Brandon Cantu, Team Plasma
  11. Ross Wooten, Donphan
  12. Long Bui, VirGen
  13. John Kettler, Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor
  14. Ross Cawthon, FightingBox/Beartic FFI
  15. Simon Narode, FightingBox
  16. Sam Chen, Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor
  17. Zak Krekeler, Team Plasma
  18. Alex Fields, Pyroar/Seismitoad-EX
  19. Phillip Barta, Pyroar/Seismitoad-EX
  20. Ahmed Ali, Yveltal-EX/Raichu
  21. Blake Pennington, Yveltal-EX/Raichu/Garbodor
  22. Nikkei Flores, Yveltal-EX/Reshiram BLW
  23. Rodney DeDe, Pyroar/Seismitoad-EX
  24. Andrew Rogers, Donphan
  25. Poet Larson, VirGen/Raichu
  26. Max Armitage, VirGen/Drifblim DRX
  27. Michael Slutsky, Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor/Victini NVI 15
  28. Henry Ross-Clunis, VirGen
  29. Jimmy Pendarvis, VirGen
  30. Nick Francis, VirGen
  31. Nick Greco, VirGen
  32. Derek Oudie, FightingBox/Garbodor

Day 2 final standings:
  1. Sam Chen, VirGen/Drifblim DRX
  2. Brandon Cantu, Team Plasma
  3. Michael Canaves, VirGen
  4. Jimmy Pendarvis, VirGen
  5. Phillip Barta, Pyroar
  6. Zak Krekeler, Team Plasma
  7. Henry Ross-Clunis, VirGen
  8. Alex Fields, Team Plasma

Notable rogues and techs:
  • Beartic FFI was included in Ross Cawthon's FightingBox deck. For a DCE, Beartic's Igloo Hold attack has utility in several matchups - most notably being the primary out to Pyroar, which FightingBox's Basic EXs could not damage. In the mirror match, Muscle Band can be attached to Beartic to enable it to OHKO a Landorus-EX. The card also provides general utility in setting up 2HKOs for minimal Energy investment. 

Decklists and analysis:

More links:
  • "We Have Lift-Off" (SixPrizes): Ray Cipoletti interviews winner Sam Chen on his tournament performance and his interesting card choices.