2022 Major Event Schedule

This page lists every major event (Regionals, Internationals, and Special Events) for the 2022 season (continuing from the 2019-20 season), as well as legality dates for new expansions.

As of October 2021, all major events in the 2022 season are Standard format; no Expanded format major events have been announced. 

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12-13 Brisbane Regionals
18-20 Salt Lake City Regionals
25-27 Liverpool Regionals

2-3 São Paulo Regionals
22-24 Europe International Championships

6-8 Indianapolis Regionals
7-8 Bilbao SPE
7-8 Santa Catarina Regionals
20-22 New Jersey Regionals
21-22 Perth Regionals
21-22 Lille Regionals 
27-29 Vancouver Regionals
28-29 Bremen Regionals

4-5 Milan SPE
4-5 Santiago Regionals
11-12 Victoria Regionals
17-19 Milwaukee Regionals
24-26 North America International Championships


18-21 2022 World Championships