Welcome to PokéStats. 

Here you'll find coverage and analysis of the competitive Pokemon Trading Card game. 

PokéStats offers statistical analysis of the game with convenient metagame charts, graphs, tournament reports, and Deck Power Rankings to help you plan for any metagame and craft a winning deck.

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The Team:

Tate Whitesell - founder and manager
Andrew Zavala - statistical assistant
Jared Grimes - graphic design assistant
Ryan Long - general assistant

Correspondents: Eric Gansman, Stéphane Ivanoff, Russell LaParre, Christopher Schemanske

Praise for PokéStats:

"Honestly enjoy your analysis... Keep it up!"
-Jose Marrero, multiple-time Worlds invitee and ARG sponsored player

"Shout out to @PokeStats_TCG. Everyone should be following this account if you're a part of the TCG Twitter community."
- Eric Gansman, multiple-time Worlds invitee and co-founder of PokéYoke

"[PokéStats] is one of the best things I've seen come up for this game in recent memory... Definitely something it has needed for a long time."
-Jacob Van Wagner, 2015 World Champion