By The Numbers: ARG Richmond

Here are some statistics to keep in mind after the conclusion of ARG Richmond. 

This tournament marked the third consecutive ARG event at which Yveltal-based decks took 40% or more of the prize money. Yveltal-EX/Garbodor took home $400 at Richmond and Atlanta, while Yveltals/Mew won $450 at Charlotte. The deck's Richmond performance solidified its place at the top of the Standard Power Rankings.

This dismally low percentage is that of heads flipped on Crushing Hammers by Russell LaParre (3 out of 20). While a little better luck might have seen LaParre to a higher finish, he still performed quite well with his innovative 6th-place Giratina-EX/Magearna-EX/Hammers deck.

The number of points added to the Power Ratings of three Electric-type decks after ARG Charlotte. Raichu/Garbodor increased from 1.71 to 6.71, Raikou/Electrode from 0.57 to 5.57, and Raichu/Golbat from 0.43 to 5.43. Why? Electric-types counter Yveltal...and the format is in need of some Yveltal counters. Look for Raichu and Raikou decks to have a significant presence at the next few Standard events.