Lyon Special Event Top 8 report

Here's the Top 8 final standings for the recent Special Event in Lyon, France. The top cut was a roll call of top names from around Europe, and they brought a variety of decks!

  1. Mehdi Hafi, FR (Vespiquen)
  2. Philipp Leciejewski, ? (Volcanion)
  3. Laurens van Brecht, NL (Gyarados)
  4. Martin Guilbert, FR (M Rayquaza/Fire/Genesect-EX)
  5. Tord Reklev, NO (Turbo Darkrai-EX)
  6. Carlos Rincón, ES (DeciPlume)
  7. Jimmy Wuyts, BE (M Mewtwo)
  8. Andrew Emerson, UK (Darkrai-EX/Dragons)
Yep, that's eight different decks in Top 8! Quite different from Brazil Intercontinentals, where 5 of the top 8 decks were DeciPlume. Looks like Europe was more set on countering DeciPlume, which was perhaps overlooked by many players in Brazil. 

PokeStats will be incorporating these results into our Power Rankings for next week, alongside Brazil Intercontinentals and this weekend's League Cups. We'll also be publishing a Guardians Rising set review. Stay tuned!