Kuala Lumpur Regionals Final Standings!

While everyone over here in the States has been excited about Virginia Regionals, there are a TON of other major Pokemon events going on this weekend across four continents! Sao Paulo Regionals are taking place in Brazil, the Treviso Special Event is in Italy, and Kuala Lumpur Regionals are taking place in Malaysia. Top 8 Final Standings for Malaysia have just been posted by Aaron Minjoot in HeyFonte; I'm trying to find the Top 32 final standings. There were only 134 Masters at this Regional.

Here are the final standings:
  1. Kaiwen Cabbabe (AU), DeciPlume
  2. Jit Min (SG), Decidueye-GX/Lugia-EX/Espeon-EX
  3. Yee Wei Chun (MY), Turbo Darkrai-EX
  4. Yeo Gou Jie (MY), DeciPlume
  5. Attar Ricco (ID), Volcanion
  6. Elmar Rusli (ID), M Gardevoir split
  7. Jason Yong (MY), DeciPlume
  8. Yogie Surya (ID), M Mewtwo/Garbodor