Seattle Regionals final standings

  1. Sam Chen, Garbodor/Big Basics
  2. Jeffrey Cheng, Vespiquen/Zoroark/Milotic
  3. Brad Curcio, Garbodor/Big Basics
  4. Tyler Ninomura, Garbodor/Big Basics
  5. Israel Sosa, WaterBox
  6. Aaron Rozbicki, Garbodor/Espeon-GX
  7. Kenny Wisdom, Garbodor/Big Basics
  8. Warren Younger, Garbodor/Espeon-GX
  9. Jordan Nelle, Garbodor/Big Basics
  10. Kyle Stone, Garbodor/Big Basics
  11. Mark Garcia, Garbodor/Big Basics
  12. Drew Allen, Garbodor/Big Basics
  13. Tyler Yu, Garbodor/Big Basics
  14. Zane Nelson, Garbodor/Big Basics
  15. Abraham Morales, Garbodor/Big Basics
  16. Kenny Britton, Garbodor/Big Basics
  17. Andy Gray, Garbodor/Big Basics
  18. Kian Amini, Garbodor/Espeon-GX
  19. Phinn Lynch, Garbodor/Espeon-GX
  20. Joey Gaffney, Garbodor/Espeon-GX/Drampa-GX
  21. Jonathan Paranada, Garbodor/Big Basics
  22. David Tomhave-Alexie, Garbodor/Big Basics
  23. Spencer Vanderpoel, DeciPlume/Alolan Ninetales-GX
  24. Chase Moloney, DeciPlume
  25. Travis Nunlist, DeciPlume
  26. Alvin Ng, Garbodor/Big Basics
  27. Matthew Chin, Garbodor/Big Basics
  28. Caleb Gedemer, Garbodor/Trevenant
  29. Justin Bokhari, DeciPlume
  30. Ray Fernandez, M Rayquaza/Metal
  31. Steven Toman, Alolan Ninetales-GX
  32. Michael Chin, Garbodor/Big Basics


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