FOLLOW LIVE: 2022 Liverpool Regionals

The 2022 Liverpool Regional Championship takes place this weekend, March 26-27, in Liverpool, UK. This is the third Regional Championship of the abbreviated 2022 season, and its first in the Europe ratings zone. 373 Masters in total along with 23 Juniors and 36 Seniors. 

The tournament is organized by Tournament Center. There is no stream for this event, but PokéStats is providing coverage of the metagame, top players, and of course the Day 2 players and decks, including Day 2 coverage right down to the crowning of the Regional Champion. Special thanks to Stéphane Ivanoff for helping us with live coverage directly from the venue. 

Top players
PokéStats tracks the archetypes used by well-known players at Regionals as we receive information from sources throughout the day. 
❌ = eliminated from Day 2 contention

Pre-tournament coverage
  • Last weekend, Drew Kennett was crowned the 2022 Salt Lake City Regional Champion with Arceus VSTAR/Gengar VMAX. (See standings, lists, and VODs on our results page here.) The story of Salt Lake was the presence of zero Mew VMAX in Top 8 despite over 30 Mew VMAX players making Day 2; Top 8 was comprised primarily of a variety of Arceus VSTAR decks along with Gengar VMAX/Houndoom and Phinn Lynch's Suicune V/Ludicolo. Despite this, most top players consider Mew VMAX to still be the BDIF and expect that it will rebound in Liverpool. (See Celio's Network's post-Salt Lake discussion video with Top 8 finishers Nicholas Moffitt and Ian Robb.) 
  • Much of the buzz this weekend will revolve around what deck Tord Reklev, generally considered the best player in the world, brings to the tournament along with his testing group. Also of interest will be the deck choices of Alessandro Cremascoli and Sander Wojcik, known for performing well with off-the-wall archetypes that typically involve control or stall strategies. A tweet from Wojcik on Friday asking for Palossand RCL gathered notable attention. We'll have updates on these and other top players' archetypes posted here and on our Twitter as soon as we receive reliable information.