FOLLOW LIVE: 2022 Salt Lake City Regionals

The second Regional Championship event of 2022, and the first in North America, takes place this weekend, March 19-20, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 624 Masters Division players are in attendance. 

Unsurprisingly, the most-represented deck across top and bottom tables is Mew VMAX, per sources. Multiple groups have brought Arceus VSTAR decks with Path to the Peak or Darkness Pokémon as counters. 

We'll update here on the top tables as we get later into the day, as well as any notable rogue decks as we receive information. 

Update 6:30 PM MT: With Round 7 over, six players have locked up a Day 2 spot! Find out who, and what decks, in our Tweet

Update 3:30 PM MT: As Round 5 wraps up, we're working on finding out the decks for all 5-0-0 players. Keep checking here and on our Twitter for updates. 

Update 1:10 PM MT: One of the more notable rogue decks we've gotten word of so far is the Arceus VSTAR/Sandaconda VMAX deck piloted by a pair of high-caliber Florida players, Charlie Kerr and Charlie Lockyer. Sandaconda V is unable to be OHKOd by Arceus VSTAR, while hitting the popular Arceus decks for Weakness. Also, a prominent group of top players settled on Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon for the event, apparently figuring out a list that they feel comfortable enough with in the Mew VMAX matchup. 

Catch up on background on the predicted metagame for this event:

Top players
PokéStats tracks the archetypes used by well-known players at Regionals as we receive information from sources throughout the day. 
❌ = player dropped

An official stream for this tournament will go live at 11:30 PT at If you can't watch the whole thing, fear not; we'll update this post with recaps of each match once the stream starts. 

Round 9

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Round 7

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