FOLLOW LIVE: 2022 São Paulo Regionals

The 2022 São Paulo Regional Championship takes place this weekend, April 2-3, in São Paulo, Brazil. This is the fourth Regional Championship of the abbreviated 2022 season, and its first in the Latin America ratings zone, which means all four major regions have had their first Regionals in the last 4 weeks. 301 Masters.

The tournament is organized by Copag. The event is being streamed live on their twitch page Gamescopag. PokéStats will also help to provide coverage of the metagame, top players, and of course the Day 2 players and decks, including Day 2 coverage right down to the crowning of the Regional Champion.

Streamed Games:

Round 1:

Bruno Guerra Sermann (Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon) 2-1 Fernando Zampieri (Suicune V/Ludicolo)

Round 2:

Matheus Selim Elkodsi (Arceus VSTAR/Galarian Bird Box with Hoopa V) 1-1 Pedro Lima (Mew VMAX)

Round 3:

Ricardo Vilela (Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon) 1-1 Leonardo Lauri (Jolteon VMAX)

Round 4:

Vitor Lugon (Mew VMAX) vs Lucas Magalhães (Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX)

Round 5:

Felipe Longo (Malamar) vs Ricardo Pereira Celebroni (Mew VMAX)

Round 6:

Lucas Matheus (Mew VMAX) vs Pedro Pertusi (Arceus VSTAR/Galarian Bird Box)

Round 7:

Matias Martini (Arceus VSTAR/Galarian Bird Box) vs Pedro Bandeira (Mew VMAX)

Round 8:

Victor Leite (Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon) vs Raphael Dantas (Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon)

Top players
PokéStats tracks the archetypes used by well-known players at Regionals as we receive information from sources throughout the day. Do note that the information we get from players either on site or from reports from players in the event are not official until revealed by the players themselves so any information seen can be mistakenly reported so if we have a deck reported wrongly, do let us know.
❌ = eliminated from Day 2 contention
  • Bruno Guerra Sermann - Arceus VSTAR/Inteleon
  • Gustavo Wada - Zoroark Cinccino Control
  • João Pedro Medeiros Zambrano - Mew VMAX
  • Patricia Gonzalez Walsh - Malamar
  • Alex Silva - Mew VMAX
  • Vitor Lugon - Mew VMAX
  • Ricardo Pereira Celebroni - Mew VMAX
  • Pedro Pertusi - Arceus VSTAR/Galarian Bird Box