2018 Collinsville Regionals

Dates: February 17-18, 2018
Location: Gateway Center, Collinsville, Illinois, USA
Attendance: 1064 Masters
Format: Standard BRT-UPR

Day 2 metagame analysis

Top 8 bracket

Top 64 final standings
  1. Ian Robb, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25
  2. Natalie Shampay, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK
  3. Alex Hill, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  4. Pearce Blend, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  5. Gustavo Wada, Volcanion
  6. Russell LaParre, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  7. Alex Bunker, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  8. Joey Ruettiger, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25
  9. Mason Baker, Ho-Oh-GX
  10. Igor Costa, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Sudowoodo BPT
  11. Emmet Hurley, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  12. Rith Ke, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  13. Azul Garcia Griego, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  14. Emery Taylor, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  15. Kyle Sabelhaus, Zoroark-GX/Gardevoir-GX
  16. Zachary Bokhari, Zoroark/Counters
  17. Aaron Tarbell, Garbodor (Drampa-GX, Espeon-GX, Espeon-EX, Tapu Koko, Kartana-GX)
  18. Sam Chen, Zoroark-GX/Weavile UPR
  19. Kenny Britton, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  20. Brandon Johnson, Hoopa (with Energy and other attackers)
  21. Jimmy Pendarvis, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  22. Andrew Mahone, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK
  23. Nick Robinson, VikaBulu
  24. John Roberts II, VikaBulu
  25. Mason Galvan, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  26. Brit Pybas, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor
  27. Ben Potter, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  28. Miguel Ruiz Jiminez, Garbodor (Drampa-GX, Espeon-GX, Necrozma-GX)
  29. Kyle Madison, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor
  30. Aaron Wilfong, Garbodor (Espeon-GX, Necrozma-GX, Espeon-EX, Lunala ♢)
  31. Robert Rood, Raichu-GX/Pachirisu UPR
  32. Zach Lesage, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor
  33. Jordan Becks, Ho-Oh-GX
  34. Will Mantho, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK
  35. Kevon Owens, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  36. Alex Lakomy, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  37. Joe Merod, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  38. Andrew Wamboldt, Glaceon-GX/Lapras-GX/Garbodor
  39. Nick Brassell, Garbodor (Drampa-GX, Espeon-GX, Espeon-EX, Tauros-GX)
  40. Zack Martin, Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX/Celesteela-GX/Registeel/Solgaleo ♢/Max Elixir/Garbodor BPT
  41. Kevin Baxter, Passimian
  42. Ezra Hoon, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor
  43. Zack Taylor, VikaBulu
  44. Ryan Bruckner, VikaBulu
  45. Bradley Ireland, Zoroark-GX/Gardevoir-GX
  46. Poet Larson, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  47. Athavan Balendran, Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX/Celesteela-GX/Registeel/Solgaleo ♢/Max Elixir/Garbodor BPT
  48. Kidd Starck, Zoroark-GX/Weavile UPR
  49. Adam Knowles, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  50. Lucas Selig, Drampa-GX/Garbodor
  51. Justin Kulas, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor
  52. Zachary Baker, Zoroark/Spread/Counters
  53. Michael Laundrie, Golisopod-GX/Garbodor
  54. Ian McGregor, Greninja BREAK
  55. Roberto Lozada, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  56. Ian Buck, Espeon-GX/Garbodor
  57. Mike Newey, Golisopod-GX/Garbodor
  58. David Raczka, Buzzwole-GX/Mew FCO/Puzzle of Time/Scorched Earth
  59. Zander Bennett, Sylveon-GX/Gardevoir-GX/Hoopa
  60. Brad Curcio, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  61. Grant Hays, Greninja BREAK
  62. Caleb Patton, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  63. Eric Gansman, Gardevoir-GX/Octillery
  64. Wesley Hollenberg, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25

Stream matches
A stream was provided by Critical Hit at twitch.tv/criticalhittcg. Casters were Adam Dorricott, Kirk Dubé, Emily Engle, Chris Hoag, and Jeffrey Surran. Thanks to Balthazar's Pkmns for posting VODs to YouTube. 

Round 1: not streamed

Round 2:
TIE: Michael Pramawat (1-0-0, Zoroark/Weavile UPR) vs. Aaron Tarbell (1-0-0, Espeon-GX/Garbodor/Tapu Koko/Metal/Blend Energy LPM) watch

Round 3: Gustavo Wada (2-0-0, Volcanion) def. Alex Hamilton (2-0-0, Zoroark/Lycanroc-GX) WLW watch

Round 4: Igor Costa (3-0-0, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Sudowoodo BPT) def. Eric Gansman (3-0-0, Gardevoir-GX) WLW watch

Round 5:
Kidd Starck (4-0-0, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor) def. Christopher Venier (4-0-0, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX) WW watch

Round 6: Kyle Sabelhaus (5-0-0, Zoroark-GX/Gardevoir-GX) def. Azul Garcia Griego (5-0-0, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX) WLW watch

Round 7: Mike Newey (5-0-1, Golisopod-GX/Garbodor) def. Zach Lesage (5-0-1, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor) WW watch

Round 8: Kenny Britton (6-1-0, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX) def. Joe Ruettiger (6-1-0, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25) WW watch

Round 9: Andrew Wamboldt (6-2-0, Glaceon-GX/Lapras-GX/Garbodor) def. Dustin Zimmerman (6-2-0, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX) WLW watch

Round 10: not streamed

Round 11:
TIE: Zachary Bokhari (8-1-1, Zoroark/Counters) vs. Kyle Madison (8-1-1, Zoroark/Garbodor) watch

Round 12: TIE: Russell LaParre (9-1-1, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX) vs. Ian Robb (9-1-1, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX) watch

Round 13: Igor Costa (8-1-3, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Sudowoodo BPT) def. Andrew Mahone (9-3-0, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK) LWW watch

Round 14: Natalie Shampay (10-3-0, Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK) def. Rith Ke (10-3-0, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX) WLW watch

Round 15: Joe Ruettiger (10-3-1, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25) def. Aaron Tarbell (10-3-1, Espeon-GX/Garbodor/Tapu Koko/Metal/Blend Energy LPM) WW watch

Top 8: 1-Alex Hill (Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX) def. 8-Joe Ruettiger (Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25) WLW watch

Top 4: 7-Natalie Shampay (Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK) def. 6-Pearce Blend (Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX) WLW watch

Finals: 5-Ian Robb (Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Lurantis SM25) def. 7-Natalie Shampay (Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK) LWW watch


Decklists and analysis
All Day 2 decklists are available in text form at Limitless and at RK9 Labs

Buzzwole-GX/Garbodor/Carbink BREAK - used by Natalie Shampay (2nd), Andrew Mahone (22nd) and Will Mantho (34th)
(also used by Riley Hulbert, who missed CP)

Pearce Blend, 4th - Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX

Russell LaParre, 6th - Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX

Joe Ruettiger, 8th - Golisopod-GX/Zoroark-GX/Lurantis SM25
Player notes:
  • "I wouldn't change a single thing." 

Mason Baker, 9th - Turbo Ho-Oh-GX

Igor Costa, 10th - Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX/Sudowoodo
Player notes:
  • "Sudowoodo was very clutch and I used it way more than I was expecting"

John Roberts II, 24th - VikaBulu
Player notes:
  • "Had a 7-0-2 day one, but had a rough first two rounds in Day 2 due to dead drawing and getting donked twice. Other than those two rounds, this list ran very smooth and I probably wouldn't change anything. Also, I still don't see how anyone loses to Garbodor with Bulu, beating 2 and tying one in rounds 8, 9, and 12 (2-0-1 total)."
  • "Fighting Fury Belt and Escape Rope were clutch!"
  • On Tapu Koko: "It was pretty handy, not only for the spread, but for the free retreat and it's a non-EX attacker."

Brit Pybas, 26th - Zoroark-GX/Garbodor
Player notes:
  • "Struggles against fringe decks and needs a second Blower"

Robert Rood, 31st - Raichu-GX/Pachirisu UPR

Player notes:
  • "Overall I wasn’t happy with the list I settled on. The changes I would make:
    • -1 Pachirisu
    • +1 Bridgette
    • -1 N
    • +1 float or +1 Professor Sycamore"

Andrew Wamboldt, 38th - Glaceon-GX/Lapras-GX/Garbodor

Kevin Baxter, 41st - Passimian
Player notes:
  • "I would probably cut the Regirock-EX for another Guzma or Field Blower." 

Ezra Hoon, 42nd - Zoroark-GX/Garbodor

Zachary Taylor, 43rd - VikaBulu
Player notes:

Athavan Balendran, 48th - Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX/Registeel/Solgaleo♢/Garbodor/Max Elixir

Zach Baker, 52nd - Zoroark/Spread/Counters

Zander Bennett, 60th - Sylveon-GX/Gardevoir-GX/Hoopa
Player notes:
  • On Hoopa: "It isn't a bad starter and it walls Zoroark-GX and helps the Buzzwole-GX matchup a ton." 
  • On Pal Pad: "Pretty solid, not mandatory, but nice insurance. Allows you to use Supporters like Handiwork or Delinquent over and over without Puzzles." 
  • On why Red Card isn't in the list: "Red Card doesn't do a whole lot because it doesn't make plays with Delinquent, since they'll always get 1 card left." 
  • On whether Gardevoir-GX is still worth playing (in a meta with less Gardevoir-GX and Volcanion): "Yeah, being able to use Twilight GX versus Zoroark-GX/Gardevoir-GX matters a lot, but it's also your best answer for Oranguru, Espeon-GX/Garbodor (make Trashalanche not matter), Ho-Oh-GX stuff, and killing a Buzzwole-GX that gets out of hand." 

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