2018 Latin America International Championship

Dates: April 27-29, 2018
Location: WTC Events Center, São Paulo, Brazil
Format: Standard BRT-UPR



Day 2 final standings
  1. Dyego Rathje, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  2. Azul Garcia Griego, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  3. Vinicius Lopes, Vikavolt/Tapu Bulu-GX
  4. Pedro Eugenio Torres, Zoroark-GX/Lucario-GX
  5. Matias Matricardi, Vikavolt/Tapu Bulu-GX
  6. Fabien Pujol, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor/Kartana-GX
  7. Caleb Gedemer, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  8. Brent Tonisson, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  9. Heddi Brahmi, Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  10. Ian Robb, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  11. Xander Pero, Espeon-GX/Garbodor
  12. Gustavo Wada, Zoroark-GX/Garbodor with Bursting Balloon
  13. Gabriel Pino Semedo, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  14. Sebastian Lugo, Magnezone/Dusk Mane Necrozma-GX
  15. Jimmy Pendarvis, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  16. Francisco Osorio, Zoroark-GX/Lucario-GX
  17. Robin Schulz, Golisopod-GX/Garbodor
  18. Hudson Matheus, Gardevoir-GX/Talonflame
  19. Jaime Martinez, Espeon-GX/Garbodor
  20. Pedro Dossi, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  21. Jonathan Guglielmo, Lucario-GX/Buzzwole-GX/Pokémon Catcher
  22. Alexis Hormazabel, Vikavolt/Tapu Bulu-GX
  23. Raphael Branco, Vikavolt/Tapu Bulu-GX
  24. Claudio Ferla, Zoroark-GX/Counter Energy Toolbox
  25. Michael Pramawat, Espeon-GX/Garbodor
  26. Breno Glaessner, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  27. Pedro Medina, Sylveon-GX
  28. Tomas Just, Zoroark-GX/Golisopod-GX
  29. Joe Ruettiger, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  30. Mauricio Molina, Zoroark-GX/Lucario-GX
  31. Alexandre Braga, Buzzwole-GX/Lycanroc-GX
  32. Wallysson Lima do Couto, Espeon-GX/Garbodor

  • Unfortunately, the tournament was marred somewhat by cheating accusations against a pair of Brazilian players, both based on their appearances on stream. One of those players, Gustavo Wada, is a well-known player internationally and won the World Championships as a Junior. Both cheating accusations were instigated by well-known and respected players (Jimmy Pendarvis and Kevin Baxter) and backed up by other respected community figures. For more information on the accusations, read these HeyFonte posts: 
    • Gustavo Wada accusations
    • Sebastian Lugo accusations
    • Pablo Meza (Tablemon) was also accused of manipulating cards in his deck while on stream, but almost every well-respected player who watched the clip saw no evidence that Meza had performed any suspicious actions. 
  • Yet more controversy occurred during the Masters finals, in which Azul Garcia Griego (the eventual runner-up) received a Prize penalty for slowplaying. Under the newly adopted penalty guidelines, this was a two-Prize penalty, meaning Griego's opponent Dyego Rathje was given a much easier path to victory in game 1 of the series. There was an outcry from many players that the penalty was unfair and Rathje had been playing at the same slow speed as Griego; it was later determined that Griego had received a slowplay warning earlier in the tournament, so his penalty was escalated while Rathje received only a warning. Many players still believe that Griego played far better during the series and Rathje's win was a result of a combination of luck and the unfair penalty. 

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