PTCGO Pod Data

Arlo Neel/Isaac Milaski Pokémon Tournaments
In March 2020, with many Regional and local events canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Isaac Milaski and Arlo Neel created a Discord server for hosting 8-player tournament pods on PTCGO. (The pods are currently moderated by Gibson Archer-Tang.) The results of these tournaments are available on this page.

The tournaments are available as either $2 or $5 entry fee tiers for Standard and Expanded formats, with $2 pods being best-of-1 and $5 pods being best-of-3.
  • For the $2 pods, first place wins $10 and second place wins $2. 
  • For the $5 pods, first place wins $20, second place wins $7, and third and fourth places win $2 each. 
  • In Expanded pods, Milotic FLF and Tropical Beach are banned due to balance issues and availability issues respectively.


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