PokéStats "No Tag Teams" Tournament 1

Dates: March 26-28
Location: online (PTCGO)
Organizer: PokéStats
Attendance: 16 players
Format: Standard UPR-SSH with modified banlist

Tournament format
  • 16-player single-elimination bracket
  • Best-of-3 matches played on PTCGO
  • Entry: $3 USD
  • Prizing: 
    • 1st: $20 USD
    • 2nd: $10 USD
    • Top 4: $6 USD 
  • Banlist:
    • all Tag Team Pokémon
    • Oranguru UPR
    • Florges FLI
    • Giratina LOT
    • Blacephalon UNB



Final standings
  1. Pavel Nechaev, Heatran-GX/Turtonator/Ninetales
  2. Draydon Davis, Lanturn Mill
  3. Stéphane Ivanoff, Morpeko VMAX/Tapu Koko V/Cinccino/Lillie's Poké Doll/Memory Energy (notes)
  4. Christian Wilhelm, Cinccino Mill
  5. Gibson Archer-Tang, Meganium/Nidoqueen/Inteleon/Swampert
  6. Pete Chisholm, Malamar/Deoxys/Ultra Necrozma-GX
  7. Ben Dobberstein, Lanturn Mill
  8. Ilya Kornilov, Lapras VMAX/Frosmoth
  9. Ozzy Carapia, Lost March
  10. Isaiah Cheville, Poipole Stall
  11. Braiden Elfert, Excadrill Mill
  12. Dmitrii Ermakov, Lapras VMAX/Frosmoth
  13. Nick Hacquebord, Malamar/Deoxys/Ultra Necrozma-GX
  14. Chris Hoag, Vikavolt
  15. Tim Jorgensen, Vikavolt
  16. Ivan Meleshenko, Cinccino/Ultra Beasts/Counter Gain Toolbox

  • The tournament contained 10 different archetypes, with the only duplicates being four Mill decks (albeit with different Pokémon for resource looping), two Lapras VMAX/Frosmoth, two Malamar, and two Vikavolt.
  • Finalist Draydon Davis: "This format is so much fun to be honest, if you do it again there definitely need to be a few more bans though." 
    • Two of the Mill decks were eliminated in mirror matches.
    • Ilya Kornilov: "I would play another tournament like this but Mill has to be fixed somehow." 
    • PokéStats will likely ban Lillie's Poké Doll and Lt. Surge's Strategy, and unban Florges FLI, for future tournaments in this format. 

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