Click here to see graphs of decks appearing on this weekend's streams.

St. Louis
Round 1: Jimmy O'Brien (0-0-0, Vespiquen/Flareon) def. Nolan Randall (0-0-0, Turbo Darkrai-EX)

Round 2: TIE: Israel Sosa (1-0-0, Turbo Dark/Maxie's) / John Roberts (1-0-0, Lurantis-GX/Virizion-EX/Eeveelutions)

Round 3: John Kettler (2-0-0, Decidueye-EX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. TJ Traquair (2-0-0, Sableye/Garbodor)

Round 4: Grafton Roll (3-0-0, Aerodactyl/Talonflame/Maxie's) def. Zach Kowalski (3-0-0, Rainbow Road)

Round 5: TIE: Ethan Wilson (4-0-0, Turbo Darkrai-EX) def. James Arnold (4-0-0, M Gardevoir STS)

Round 6: Kevin Baxter (4-0-1, Primal Groudon) def. Drew Kennett (4-0-1, Volcanion)

Round 7: Rahul Reddy (6-0-0, Volcanion/Starmie EVO) def. Connor Finton (6-0-0, M Gardevoir STS)

Round 8: TIE: Brad Curcio (6-0-1, Volcanion) / Tony Jiminez (6-0-1, Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX)

Round 9: no stream

Round 10: Alex Wilson (9-0-0, M Rayquaza) def. Andrew Mahone (8-1-0, Raikou/Eelektrik)

Round 11: Anthony Nimmons (8-1-1, Accelgor/Wobbuffet) def. Dave Richard (8-1-1, Lurantis-GX/Vileplume)

Round 12: Alex Schemanske (9-2-0, Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX) def. Israel Sosa (8-1-2, Turbo Dark/Maxie's)

Round 13: John Kettler (9-1-2, Decidueye-EX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. Dave Richard (9-2-1, Lurantis-GX/Vileplume)

Round 14: Rahul Reddy (10-3-0, Volcanion/Starmie EVO) def. Andrew Wamboldt (8-0-5, Dark/Maxie's)

Top 8: Alex Wilson (10-2-2, M Rayquaza) def. Alex Schemanske (10-2-2, Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX)

Semifinals: John Kettler (Decidueye-EX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. John Senkiewicz (Night March)


Round 1: Tamao Cameron (0-0-0, Darkrai-EX/Dragons) def. Kai Colston (0-0-0, Gyarados)

Round 2: Luke Kirkham (1-0-0, Zyarde-EX/Regirock-EX/Tauros-GX) def. Philip Schulz (Yveltal-EX/Garbodor) 

Round 3: Mees Brenninkmeijer (2-0-0, Darkrai-EX/Dragons) def. Chrisowalantis Amanatidis (2-0-0, Umbreon-GX/Eeveelutions)

Round 4: Fabien Pujol (3-0-0, PlumeBox) def. Andrew Emerson (3-0-0, Yveltal-EX/Garbodor)

Round 5: Benjamin Behrens (4-0-0, Turbo Darkrai-EX) def. Jack Old (4-0-0, M Gardevoir STS)

Round 6: Goncalo Ferreira (5-0-0, Decidueye-GX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. Joe Yeates (5-0-0, Houndoom-EX/Gumshoos-GX)

Round 7: Marc Lutz (5-1-0, Umbreon-GX/Tauros-GX/Hammers) def. Jack Gregory-Campbell (5-1-0, M Rayquaza/Water)

Round 8: Mehdi Hafi (5-1-1, Gyarados) def. Tobias Smutkowski (5-1-1, M Gardevoir PRC & STS/Xerneas BREAK)

Round 9: no stream

Round 10: Pedro Eugenio Torres (6-2-1, Volcanion) def. Marc Lutz (6-1-2, Umbreon-GX/Tauros-GX/Hammers)

Round 11: Jake Arnold (6-2-2, M Mewtwo/Garbodor/Espeon-GX) def. Fabio Spano (6-2-2, Umbreon-GX/Yveltal-EX)

Round 12: TIE: Jack Culkin (7-2-2, Yveltal-EX/Garbodor) / David Roodhof (7-2-2, Houndoom-EX/Gumshoos-GX)

Round 13: TIE: Seb Symonds (8-3-1, M Gardevoir STS) / Andreas Dombrowski (7-1-4, Turbo Darkrai-EX)

Round 14: Joseph Philip (8-3-2, Gyarados) def. Philipp Leciejewski (8-2-3, M Gardevoir PRC/Xerneas BREAK)

Top 8: Goncalo Ferrera (10-1-3, Decidueye-GX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. Steffen Eriksen (9-3-2, M Rayquaza/Jolteon-EX)

Semifinals: Mehdi Hafi (Gyarados) def. Tord Reklev (Turbo Dakrai-EX)

Finals: Goncalo Ferrera (Decidueye-GX/Vileplume/misc. attackers) def. Mehdi Hafi (Gyarados)


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