2023 League Cup Results

This page displays our League Cup data from the 2022-23 season. When we were able to obtain decklists or player notes, we've included them with the notes links. For more information on the data we collect and how to submit Cup results to us, see this page.

Hobbytown USA - Virginia Beach, VA
June 4
24 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Erick Nickell, Miraidon ex/Flaaffy
  2. Liam Conant, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  3. Jacob Stillwell, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops  
  4. Anthony Kocan, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  5. Brendan Gleason, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops  
  6. Nicholas Kirkpatrick, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  7. Diego Alleyne, Mew VMAX
  8. Tyler Graybill, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Black Diamond Games - Concord, CA
June 3
34 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Vance Kelley, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  2. Jason Gonzales, Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  3. Audrey Archila, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops  
  4. Duncan Crowley, Mew VMAX
  5. China Ross, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  6. Joseph Sanchez, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  7. Kaden Hyatt, Mew VMAX/Meloetta 
  8. Harrison Hopkins, Mew VMAX

Magic Stronghold - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
June 3
49 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Philip Nguyen, Gardevoir ex 
  2. Caitlin White, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops 
  3. Jake Santiago, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX 
  4. Kevin Gomez, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  5. Cullen Burrows, Gardevoir ex
  6. Jonathan Hung, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  7. Joel Bergman, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops 
  8. Cor Vanderwolf, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre

Crofton, MD
May 28
29 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Nathan Bumbarger, Arceus VSTAR/Alolan Vulpix VSTAR/Flying Pikachu VMAX
  2. Gwen Tran, Mew VMAX
  3. Jacob Stillwell, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  4. Charlie Lockyer, Gardevoir ex
  5. Christian Galvan, Gardevoir ex
  6. Neo Teavahasakulthong, Inteleon VMAX/Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
  7. Jon Eng, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  8. Dominic Zottoli, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops

Good Games Greensborough - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
May 28
48 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Henry Brand, Gardevoir ex (list)
  2. Angus Johnson, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX
  3. Andi Cheung, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops (list)
  4. Christian Delloiaco, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  5. Justin Hoy, Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR/Magnezone (list)
  6. Shane Quinn, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX (list)
  7. Nathan Hans, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops (list)
  8. Jett Posani, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja (list)

Top Cut Comics - Loves Park, IL
May 28
21 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Caleb Gedemer, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  2. Alec Giessler, Gardevoir ex
  3. Dan O'Brien, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  4. Andrew Weiss, Mew VMAX
  5. Zach Zaharis, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  6. Nic Stewart, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  7. Ryan Bruckner, Mew VMAX
  8. Josh Hardin, Giratina VSTAR

Łódź, Poland
May 21
14 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Alex Rutowicz, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  2. Patryk Piątek, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  3. Dorian Adamik, Gardevoir ex
  4. Hubert Pismienny, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard

Clinton Township, MI
May 20
21 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Solomon Shurge, Gardevoir ex/Espeon VMAX (notes) (list)
  2. Eli Hill, Arceus VSTAR/Regidrago VSTAR
  3. Jacob Noel, Mew VMAX
  4. Jack Merten, Gardevoir ex
  5. Diane Schemanske, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX
  6. John Cook, Inteleon VMAX/Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
  7. Andy Jiang, Gardevoir ex/Mewtwo V-Union
  8. Makayla Noel, Gardevoir ex

Łódź, Poland
May 20
10 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Maciej Chojnacki, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  2. Nuno Fernandez, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  3. Piotr Zaczek, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  4. Alex Rutowicz, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard

Ormond, Victoria, Australia
May 20
34 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Tim Franklin, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  2. Ryan Bentley, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  3. Peter Lo, Gardevoir ex
  4. Jett Posani, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  5. Natalie Millar, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  6. Jeremy Lim, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  7. Tait Tran, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  8. Vignesh Krishnan, Mew VMAX

La Crosse, WI
May 13
23 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Caleb Gedemer, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  2. Alec Geissler, Gardevoir ex
  3. Dalton Cross, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre
  4. AJ B., Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX
  5. Osvaldo M., Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  6. Edwin A., Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  7. Abe Morales, Inteleon VMAX/Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
  8. Nic Stewart, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR

Fredericksburg, VA
May 13
34 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Christian Franco, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  2. Rahul Reddy, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Umbreon VMAX
  3. Nicholas Franco, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  4. Jakob Vituq, Inteleon VMAX/Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX
  5. John Blatchford, Mew VMAX/Meloetta
  6. Anthony Murphy, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  7. Loc Nguyen, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  8. John Orgel, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja

ManaFlux Gaming - Newcastle, UK
May 13
29 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Oliver Barnett, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  2. Michael Parchami, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  3. Mitchel Ryan, Miraidon ex
  4. Andrew Brown, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  5. Jamie Davies, Gardevoir ex/Espeon VMAX
  6. Matthew Anderson, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  7. Joe Moylan, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  8. Chelsea Burnyeat, Mew VMAX

The Rogue Games - Baton Rouge, LA
May 7
28 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Cameron Coco, Gardevoir ex
  2. Ben Hossford, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  3. Harrison Dollar, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  4. David Hernandez, Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  5. Noah Yoshida, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops
  6. Cody McDaniel, Origin Forme Dialaga VSTAR
  7. Brock Daigle, Mew VMAX
  8. Anthony Spoine, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard

Wakefield, UK
May 7
34 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Noah Allerton, Mew VMAX (notes)
  2. Jessie Walters, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja
  3. Jack Ashdown, Mew VMAX
  4. Ashley Storey, Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  5. Charlie Hanning, Origin Forme Dialaga VSTAR
  6. Mark Taylor, Darkrai VSTAR
  7. Daniel Powell, Gardevoir ex
  8. Joe Stevens, Gardevoir ex

Stroudsburg, PA
April 30
32 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Ryan Antonucci, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Charizard)
  2. Justin Bokhari, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops/Single Strike
  3. Casey Bennink, Mew VMAX
  4. AJ Broski, Lost Zone Toolbox
  5. Neel Patel, Gardevoir ex
  6. Mike Fouchet, Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  7. Greg Kerien, Gardevoir ex
  8. Thomas Pisano, Miraidon ex

Patriot Games - Lawrence, KS
April 30
54 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Ryan Simons, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre (notes)
  2. Tyler DugganLugia VSTAR
  3. Ali Chabuk, Lost Zone Toolbox 
  4. Derrick Schwarz, Miraidon ex/Flaaffy (notes)
  5. Kolton DayGardevoir ex
  6. Wyatt Palguta, Arceus VSTAR Toolbox
  7. Andrew HedrickLost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja (notes)
  8. Josh ClarkLugia VSTAR

Patriot Games - Sheffield, UK
April 30
49 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Jamie Frankland, Lugia VSTAR
  2. Paul StringerMew VMAX
  3. Jack Adams, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  4. Jonathan O'Mara, Mew VMAX
  5. Jack OldLost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard
  6. Joe Bernard, Gardevoir ex
  7. Matthew ClarkeGardevoir ex
  8. Shane AddyLost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Charizard

Lumby, Denmark
April 30
33 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Steffen FromMew VMAX
  2. Stephan NørregårdMiraidon ex (notes)
  3. Robert Lau, Mew VMAX
  4. Ingvard Hjartarson, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR (notes)
  5. Nikki ThomsenGardevoir ex
  6. Vincent Munk, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX
  7. Uffe AxelsenLost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja (notes)
  8. Michael FromLugia VSTAR

Dragon’s Lair Alamo Ranch - San Antonio, Texas
April 29
54 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Santiago Bueno, Lost Zone Toolbox/Kyogre (notes)
  2. Hector PuenteGardevoir ex (notes)
  3. Juan Flores, Mew VMAX (notes)
  4. Aidan Khus, Gardevoir ex/Mewtwo V-Union (notes)
  5. Alex Porras, Mew VMAX (notes)
  6. Joshua Proehl, Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (notes)
  7. Tidus Sanchez, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX (notes)
  8. Chris Colunga, Gardevoir ex (notes)

Spielekiste Potsdam - Berlin, Germany
April 24
13 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Thai Nguyen, Gardevoir ex (notes)
  2. Leon T.Gardevoir ex (notes)
  3. Paulo Mimoso, Mew VMAX (notes)
  4. Vincent F., Lugia VSTAR (notes)

Des Moines, IA
April 24
39 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Braiden Elfert, Arceus VSTAR/Flying Pikachu VMAX/Alolan Vulpix VSTAR
  2. Andrew Hedrick, Lost Zone Toolbox/Radiant Greninja (notes)
  3. Dalten Cross, Lost Zone Toolbox/Galrian Moltres
  4. Kye Baxter, Arceus VSTAR/Rayquaza VMAX (notes)
  5. Jesse Parks, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  6. Tanner Drabek, Lost Zone Toolbox
  7. Devon Tilson, Lugia VSTAR
  8. Jaxon Bruns, Miraidon ex

Next Gen Games - Los Angeles, CA

April 23
> 60 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Phinn Lynch, Lost Zone Toolbox

Dicey Business - Missisauga, Ontario, Canada
April 23
45 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Dennis Peroff, Lost Zone Toolbox
  2. Riley McKay, Mew VMAX
  3. Rowan Stavenow, Mew VMAX
  4. Lucas Xing, Lost Zone Toolbox (Kyogre)
  5. Gavin Zhou, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops/Single Strike
  6. Xinchun Wang, Gardevoir ex
  7. Robert Simpson, Lost Zone Toolbox (Kyogre)
  8. Andrew Estrada, Lost Zone Toolbox

Good Games - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
April 23
26 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Stefan Cocks, Giratina VSTAR (notes)
  2. James Goreing, Mew VMAX
  3. Nick Hensing, Mew VMAX
  4. Callum Pinegar, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Greninja)
  5. Brayden Stephenson, Hisuian Goodra VSTAR
  6. Scott Langford, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Greninja) 
  7. Callum Walker, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Greninja) 
  8. Nissa Kew, Mew VMAX (Fusion Strike Energy) 

Manticore Game Shop - O'Fallon, MO
April 22
32 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Michael Hopkins, Gardevoir ex (notes)
  2. Bela Lancaster, Gardevoir ex
  3. Andrew Martin, Mew VMAX
  4. Guy Sargent, Gardevoir ex
  5. Gregory Wingler, Mew VMAX
  6. Aaron Flynn, Gardevoir ex
  7. Edan Lewis, Lost Zone Toolbox (Kyogre)
  8. Jake Blandina, Mew VMAX

The Grid Games - Manchester, CT

April 22
31 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. James Thiel, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR
  2. Tate Whitesell, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Charizard) (notes)
  3. Mike Planka, Arceus VSTAR/Duraludon VMAX/Alolan Vulpix VSTAR
  4. Kian Sadat, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Charizard)
  5. Anthony Kelly, Mew VMAX
  6. Steven Lavoie, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Charizard)
  7. Ryan Barnes, Lost Zone Toolbox (Kyogre)
  8. Greg Kerien, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Charizard)

Fourcourners Comics & Games - Gettysburg, PA
April 22
16 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. Alex Hamilton, Lugia VSTAR/Archeops/Single Strike
  2. Luke Smith, Mew VMAX
  3. George Gebhardt, Gardevoir ex
  4. Sammy Allen, Arceus VSTAR/Giratina VSTAR

Neo Tokyo - Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
April 16
17 Masters
Standard BST-SVI
  1. James Williams, Gardevoir ex
  2. Max Prescott, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Greninja) (notes)
  3. Blake Davies, Lost Zone Toolbox (Radiant Greninja) 
  4. Anthony Smith, Gardevoir ex