League Cup Results

If you have any League Cup results to report, you can:
  • post in HeyFonte and tag Tate Whitesell;
  • message Tate or the PokéStats page on Facebook; 
  • report via the dedicated channel in our Discord server; or
  • Tweet @PokeStats_TCG or @twhitesell42.
Please report the Top 4 final standings and decks for Cups with under 24 Masters, and Top 8 final standings and decks for Cups with 24 or more Masters. Also, please provide the location, date, format, and total Masters attendance of the Cup, if possible. 

Decklists are linked when available. 

You can check the Cup Sample Stats tab right here on PokéStats to look at collective results for the latest weekend of Cups, in order to help gauge the current metagame and decide on a good play for your next Cup. 

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