SPE Results for April 13-14, 2019

This weekend saw three Special Events held around the world: in Manila, the Philippines; Lima, Peru; and Mixco, Guatemala. PokéStats has obtained the Top 8 standings for each event. You can find additional tournament information on these events' individual data pages.

Manila SPE
the Philippines
  1. Luther Wong, Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
  2. Melvyn Lee, Zapdos
  3. Colin Tang, Zapdos/Jolteon-GX
  4. Athavan Akilan, Tapu Koko Spread
  5. Syahmi Razak, Zapdos/Jolteon-GX/Ultra Beasts
  6. Adrian Acuzar, Vikavolt/Rayquaza-GX
  7. Klive Aw, Hoopa/Regigigas
  8. Jit Min Lim, Golisopod-GX/Lucario-GX/Garbodor
Malaysia and Lightning-type Pokémon took down this tournament, with the top five finishers being Malaysians playing Lightning-based decks! 2018 Worlds Top 4 finisher Klive Aw took a break from his trademark Zygarde-GX decks to play some stall, while another well-known player, Jit Min Lim, played a rogue Stage 1 toolbox deck powered by Jirachi TEU and Rainbow Energy. Meanwhile, Adrian Acuzar chose to bring back Vikavolt/Rayquaza-GX--as we will see, the same deck Jose Marrero used to win an SPE on the other side of the world this weekend.

Mixco SPE
  1. Jose Marrero, Vikavolt/Rayquaza-GX
  2. Rahul Reddy, Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
  3. Nestor Fabrizio Lazo Orellana, Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
  4. Jan Andres Castillo Moreno, Zoroark-GX Control
  5. Zachery Stover, Zapdos
  6. Finn McKeefry, Zoroark-GX Control
  7. Rodolfo Santiago Funes Muñoz, Zygarde-GX/Lucario-GX
  8. Fernando Castañeda Perez, Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel
Two Americans met in the finals of this SPE, with Jose Marrero taking the win using an unexpected deck--Vikavolt/Rayquaza-GX, which was often considered the BDIF at the very beginning of this season but has rarely been played since then. The rest of Top 8 was fairly standard, with a couple of players opting for the Zoroark-GX Control deck Caleb Gedemer used to win Denver Regionals last weekend.

Lima SPE
  1. Bastian Silva, Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
  2. Jose Carlos Gomez, Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel
  3. Bruno Paredes, Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel
  4. Jorge Salas, Pikachu & Zekrom-GX/Zapdos
  5. Bruno Eguizabal, Malamar/Ultra Necrozma-GX
  6. Renzo Zambrano, Zapdos/Jolteon-GX
  7. Carlos Jesus Melgar, Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel
  8. Rodrigo Pereda, Zoroark-GX Control
Blacephalon-GX/Naganadel had the most Top 8 appearances of any deck in Lima, with three. This was also the only one of this weekend's three events to feature a Malamar deck in Top 8.